Chew Stixx® Original

Multi Texture Chewable Fidget

An excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding, due to the alternating textures. The textures of this product were designed by therapists to simulate the ever-changing textures of food, therefore assisting with children who have sensory issues when certain textures are placed in their mouth.

Available in 7 different flavours

  • Unflavoured (Blue)
  • Lemon (Yellow)
  • Grape (Purple)
  • Chocolate (Brown)
  • Mint (Green)
  • Cool Mint (White)
  • Orange (Orange)

Chew Stixx® is an oral motor device and not a toy. An adult or therapist should supervise the use of this product at all times. The product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear.

All materials and colours are FDA approved.
US Patent US D724,235 S

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