Chewy Charms

Multi Texture Chewable Fidget - Fun and Instantly Calming

Chewy Charms are fun to collect and instantly calming for children with sensory disorders. This product does not draw negative attention to the child and is accepted in school systems all over the world. Refills are for use with both neck and belt lanyards.

Colours vary.

Available in 6 different styles

  • Fish
  • Cat
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Star
  • Train

Product Options

  • Single Refills
  • Supplied with Retractable Lanyard
  • Supplied with Breakaway Lanyard

Chewy Charm Refills are not for use without either a belt or neck lanyard and are not for use by children under age 3 due to a choking hazard. The product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear.

All materials and colours are FDA approved.

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