Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget Sensory Brush

Multi Texture Chewable Fidget

The tactile tiger is roughly the size of a credit card but packs a huge sensory punch. Offering a bristled tactile surface as well as a raised surface tiger on the top side. Great for therapist, parent, or individual child use. This product will prove to be a great calming agent for any child or adult seeking sensory or tactile stimulation. The material of this hand fidget is FDA approved so it is safe if used as an oral motor device as well. Many children who crave physical stimulation also have chewing or grinding habits, this product works great for both and can be used by the child alone, or the parent/therapist as a tactile brush that is effective anywhere on the body.

  • Offers instant sensory stimulation on both sides.
  • FDA approved material for tactile and oral use.
  • Can be used by a therapist or parent as a tactile brush.
  • Easily carried in pocket / instantly calming.
  • This product is certain to be a sensory cravers best friend.

Available in 3 different colours

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

The product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear.

All materials and colours are FDA approved.

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