Tactile Tiger Chewable Arm Band

Tactile Stimulation for Calming

If your child has the need for tactile input, or the desire to chew or grind during stressful situations, this product is for them. The Tactile Tiger Arm Band is completely safe and constructed from an FDA approved material which is safe for oral use. The top of the band offers a raised tiger surface for children who use tactile stimulation as a calming or self-regulation method. Since most children who display one of these behaviours also display the other, the Tactile Tiger Armband offers the one-two punch that will keep your child calm and concentrated while at school or home.

Great for use during dinner, church, bedtime, school, therapy sessions, or any time a child needs self-calming.

Dishwasher safe top rack

Available in 5 different colours

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow

BP, latex and Phthalate free material, colouring, and flavour. FDA approved materials and dishwasher safe.

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