Sensory Square Pets Monkey

Lightly Weighted Product to Aid with Additional Sensory Needs

Each square weighs 680g and is constructed from a velour material that is certain to keep your child’s attention. By giving the square a “face”, it takes on a personality that your child can bond with.

By combining an incredibly soft texture, a small amount of weight, and an adorable animal face, we have created a system that will instantly become your sensory seeking child's best friend. The sensory square is perfect for children who would typically fidget with clothes, tags, hair, or have a constant need for sensory input. By adding a small amount of weight this product offers the grounding sensation needed to keep them still, but not so much weight that carrying this product becomes exhausting. Sensory Square Pets are an excellent addition to your daily therapy diet, and your child's weighted product collection.

When other weighted devices are too heavy or bulky to make the trip, Sensory Square Pets are willing and ready to comfort your child anywhere they go.

Size is 33cm x 33cm

Hand wash with warm water when needed.

Ages 3 and up unless directly supervised by adult. Water Proof Poly Pellets filling prevents bacteria build up.

The product does contain poly pellets as a weighting agent and should not be used as an oral device. If the product is ripped or shows any sign of damage, it should be discarded immediately as it will pose a choking hazard for small children.

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