Weighted Printed Lap Pad

Help Children Sit Still

Our lap pads are custom made for your child’s pleasure using only odour and bacteria free poly pellets inside. Your custom lap pad will feature your child’s favourite print on one side, and a solid colour on the other side, and can be machine washed.

Why use a weighted lap pad?

Is your child a wiggle worm? Does your child have difficulty staying put in a chair? Does it seem as if the chair has springs on the seat because your child always jumps right off? Innate hyperactivity and attention difficulties keep children with ADHD and Autism out of their chairs and on the move. These children are unable to adequately sense the chair against their bodies. Therefore, they do not feel properly grounded. Instead, they feel extremely insecure. The use of a weighted lap pad will help your child feel the deep pressure of the chair or seating surface and want to stay still.

Some children enjoy the lap pad on their chest or back when going to sleep.

Lap pad measures 38cm X 30cm and weighs 1.4kg

Available in the following designs

  • Micky Mouse
  • Cars
  • Thomas the Tank

Hand wash with warm water when needed.

Ages 3 and up unless directly supervised by adult.

This product does contain poly pellets as a weighting agent and should not be used as an oral device. If the product is ripped or shows any sign of damage, it should be discarded immediately as it will pose a choking hazard for small children.

Printed Weighted Lap Pad Micky Mouse
Printed Weighted Lap Pad
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